3 years old male Short Hair
Vegan for 1.5 years

Submitted by Gary and Cheryl Devine from United States


Roomba happily consumes Ami


Excellent. He is super soft, no skin problems, clean/clear eyes, clean ears, grooms often, super energetic he zooms by and climbs trees in seconds flat.

Vet's reaction


Other comments

we had put some old, moldy vegan cat food into the compost. We live out in the middle of nowhere and there are no other cats for miles. We saw him one night eating out of the compost where he dug a hole directly to the vegan cat food. He was and is extremely friendly and LOVES belly rubs! He is the friendliest, happiest cat we have ever met. He follows us all around our 40 acre property and loves running around and climbing trees. Somehow he manages to groom himself clean, soft and snowy white throughout the day - every day.