11 years old female torby
Indoor only
Vegan for 5 years

Submitted by Arlo from Portland, OR


Diesel had been eating Science Diet weight loss formula when I adopted her at the age of 6. I transitioned her to Evolution Diet vegan kibble over a 2-3 week period and she has been eating that ever since.


Very good ... no problems from this diet. Diesel was 3-4 pounds overweight when I adopted her, but carefully measuring her food over a period of two years brought her safely down to her recommended weight.

Vet's reaction

Some vets have been indifferent, others have been confused. My current vet agreed to keep an open mind and after performing a thorough exam and bloodwork concluded that there was no need to change Diesel's diet.

Other comments

I hear about a lot of people who try vegan food but if their cats don't take to it right away they decide the cat must not like it. The truth is cats are finicky eaters and don't like changes in general. The best strategy is to start with a very small amount of the new food mixed with the old food, then gradually increase the ratio at whatever pace the cat will accept. Eventually your cat will be free of cruel, meat-based food and won't even miss it.