4 years old male Domestic shorthair
Vegan for 2 years

Submitted by Grainne from Ireland


Rocco and his 7 siblings eat mostly Benevo, but are given AmiCat every now and then to mix things up. They sometimes eat bits of my food, anything from avocados to nut roast, and go mad for my vegan cheese and sausage.


All my cats are from the street and were found with missing eyes, broken tails, crooked ears... They are in as good health as can be expected for such a lousy start in life.

Vet's reaction

When I changed from meat food, I was living near a vegan vet who approved the ingredients. I am now near a meat eating vet, who had never heard of vegan cat food. She can see they have no diet related problems, so doesn't question my decision.