Mr. Sparkles

14.5 years old male Grey
Indoor only
Vegan for 13 plus years

Submitted by Eric Weisman from St. Paul, MN


Evolution Diet Gourmet Vegan Kibble and Canned Moist Gourmet Entree. I add 300 mg. Vitamin C Powder, 500-600 Mg., Fresh Flax Oil full tspn. and 500 Mg. Vit.D 2 + fresh shredded lettuce, carrot and apple. I sometimes add vegan cheese to food when switching a new cat to food.


Excellent health and behaviour. Very friendly, strong and likes to be cuddled.

Vet's reaction

I work with worked with many different veterinarians and all of them have accepted the Evolution Vegan Diet for Cats, Dogs and Ferrets. Our regular veterinarian buys Evolution Diet and sells it to his clients and uses it for his own pet(s)including a dog that has lukemia.

Other comments

Meat, Poultry and Fish based Pet Foods use slaughterhouse waste and animals that can not be used for human consumption. Even organic pet food companies use diseased oganic sick animals for ingreients. Evolution Diet Dry Kibble and Moist Foods have all the proteins and minerals of a raw meat diet, and it is always made in small fresh batches. Why would I use anything else??? I have had cats live to over 22 , ferrets in good health at over 13 human years and dogs and large and small dogs at over 19 human years. I do add some Vit D 400 IUs per 10 lb of body everyday and Flax Oil (1 tspn)to ED vegan pet food that has all the protiens and minerals of a raw meat diet.